Why Use A Primer Under Your Makeup

23.08.2021 21:42, Bella Vi

A great base is the beginning of any amazing makeup look, primer is essential to getting your makeup to perform the way it should. Prepping your skin prior to putting on your makeup is an important step, one that normally involves cleansing and moisturizing. However, adding a high quality anti-aging primer into your regimen can be the best beauty prep of all.

Primer will help provide a good canvas for Longer-lasting makeup and smooths the skins’ surface for a more even application look. But a high quality primer can offer you much more if you use Bella Vi’s Perfecting Primer SPF15 you will also enjoy the validated benefits of a certified Non-Toxic, dermatologically tested and anti-aging moisturizer to help bring your skin to life.  

Bella Vi’s Anti-aging Perfecting Primer Skin Repair Moisturizer is a weightless primer and moisturizer that blends invisibly for a matte, pore-less looking skin which is very important for applying makeup on. It is ideal for all skin types including normalizing sebum production on oily skin without drying the skin and is very soothing and hydrating without making the skin greasy or shiny. All very important qualities in a primer to offer you beautiful healthy looking skin.

Perfecting Primer helps sebum control by the use of bio-actives ingredients that help stimulate the skin’s synthesis at a cellular level to help promote self-healing of sebaceous glands control from over sebum secretion and works at the cellular structure stimulating elastin to help correct the conditions that cause wrinkles and signs of aging in the very first instance.

Our active innovative formula offers active ingredients that rapidly absorbs into the skin and are immediately made available for revitalizing, regenerating and restructuring your skin on a multi-directional level.

See Bella Vi’s Perfecting Primer with Validated anti-aging beneficial bio-active ingredients.

Bella Vi Loose Mineral Foundation and Perfecting Prime are the perfect collection