Meet The Founder

Founder Spotlight: Melissa Furze, the Visionary Behind Bella VI


In the realm of natural beauty, there exists a luminary whose passion and commitment transcend the ordinary. Meet Melissa Furze, the co-founder of Bella VI, a distinguished natural beauty brand synonymous with elegance, authenticity, and a profound commitment to inner and outer radiance.


With an illustrious career spanning over 25 years in the beauty therapy industry, Melissa Furze is not just a co-founder; she is a qualified Cosmetic Aesthetician and a beacon of expertise in the realm of natural makeup and skincare. Her journey began with a visionary quest to curate a boutique collection of naturalceutical cosmetics, a collection that would become a lifelong romance for women seeking trust and excellence.


Melissa's dedication to women's well-being is reflected in her commitment to providing validated-safe, natural products that enhance and protect the skin's health and vitality. More than a creator of cosmetics, she is a curator of confidence, celebrating and enhancing the unique natural femininity that resides within every woman.


As a seasoned Cosmetic Aesthetician and makeup artist, Melissa's passion for makeup and naturalceutical skincare has been unwavering. From her early days honing her skills in renowned clinics to freelancing as a makeup artist and working with prestigious makeup brands, she has cultivated a profound understanding of the transformative power of makeup.


Melissa's journey has taught her that a well-formulated makeup application is not merely a cosmetic enhancement; it is an empowering act. In just a few minutes, she believes, makeup has the remarkable ability to transform a woman's sense of self, providing an instant boost in confidence and allowing her inner radiance to shine brighter.


For Melissa Furze, the founder of Bella VI, the joy lies not only in crafting premium natural products but in sharing her knowledge to inspire women in multifaceted ways. A woman of substance and grace, Melissa believes that true beauty emanates from a good heart. In her world, no beauty shines brighter than the one that celebrates authenticity, confidence, and the unique allure of natural femininity.