Why Should I Use A Cleansing Milk?

23.08.2021 21:47, Bella Vi

Cleansing milk is a light, gentle cleanser that takes a more delicate approach to cleansing your skin. No, it’s not made from real milk, it is referred to cleansing milk because of it’s milky appearance and consistency. Cleansing milk should be the first step in your cleansing routine. 

Using a cleanser is an essential part of your daily and or nightly skincare regimen whether you wear makeup or not. Cleansing milk is a calming way to cleanse your face to remove and dissolve excess oil, dirt, makeup and other impurities that settle on your skin without stripping your skin’s natural oils. Without cleansing your skin, it can trigger unwanted skin issues. For example, if you don’t cleanse your skin daily you can experience unwanted skin texture changes caused by a layer of dead skin which builds up on the surface of the skin. This can cause your skin to look dull, lifeless, uneven and your skin will also feel and look dry.

Another issue with not cleansing your skin daily is the build up of dead skin that can prevent your skincare items from working to their maximum benefit. For example, it can prevent your skincare from penetrating well into the skin offering the hydration and rejuvenating levels your skin really needs.

A quality cleanser like Bella Vi’s Milk Cleanser’s formula let’s the ingredients do the work (as opposed to the suds of some other cleansers), they are literally kinder to your skin. The ingredients work closely to mimic your own natural skin state, this natural process helps your skin by keeping it calm and balanced which is achieved by the use of ingredients that your skin recognizes, thus not irritating it like when using harsh foaming agents. 

Bella Vi Essential Cleansing Milk can be used for all skin types including sensitive and dry, which makes this a perfect cleanser for anyone. It has a creamy milk texture that hydrates and soothes the skin, the active ingredients are very active including the Bio-active Phytocelltec Argan Extract which helps to protect and revitalizes the skin and helps reduces wrinkles by -26%. It is also rich in almond oil, Vit C + E which protects the skin from drying out and strengthens the skin with antioxidants. Arbutin is also an ingredient to highlight, it is a natural skin whitening brightening ingredient to help reduce pigmentation which is important to a lot of NZ women due to the strength of our sun and the damage it causes to the skin.