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"Revitalize Your Skin with Bella Vi's Derma Peel: The Apex of Luxury Microdermabrasion for Radiant, Youthful Complexions"

Bella Vi's Derma Peel Skin Renew epitomizes luxury skincare, transforming dull complexions and helps combat oiliness with its advanced microdermabrasion technology. It gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and smoothing uneven textures. Regular use unclogs pores and helps reduces aging signs, leaving skin radiant, smooth, and youthfully rejuvenated. Exquisitely crafted for the discerning individual, this premier product delivers unparalleled skincare solutions across skin types, from normal to oily, combination, dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Validated Cosmeceutical Skincare    


Unveil Radiant Skin with Bella Vi's Award-Winning Derma Peel Skin Renew

Experience the epitome of skincare luxury with Bella Vi's prestigious Derma Peel Skin Renew. This multi-award-winning natural wonder boasts cutting-edge advancements in patented microdermabrasion technology, elevating your skincare routine to new heights. Indulge in a transformative exfoliating experience that cleanses, revitalizes, and paves the way for radiant, healthier-looking skin.


Gentle Exfoliation, Proven Results: The Power of Derma Peel

Harness the exfoliating prowess of Derma Peel, designed to smooth and eliminate excess sebum and dead skin cells, revealing a complexion that's not just clean but luminous. This groundbreaking formula is meticulously crafted to exfoliate without irritation or abrasion, setting it apart as a skincare essential for those seeking a gentle yet effective solution.


The Science of Rejuvenation: Nourishing Elegance

Enriched with the goodness of Manuka Honey, Traditional Chinese Herbs, and the innovative Phytocelltec Argan extract encapsulated into liposomes, Derma Peel goes beyond surface-level care. Scientific studies have shown a remarkable 26% reduction in wrinkles, marking it as the first cosmetic active with proven results for protecting and vitalizing dermal stem cells. Experience deep-seated rejuvenation for a timeless, anti-aging effect.


Bio-Technology Brilliance: Stabilizing Collagen & Elasticity

Bella Vi's Derma Peel doesn't stop at exfoliation; it's a bio-technological marvel. Our bio-active ingredients delve into the skin's depths, offering stabilization of collagen and elasticity. Encapsulated within liposomes, these ingredients are released strategically, ensuring maximum efficacy for a more youthful, resilient complexion.


Illuminate Your Beauty: Arbutin & Manuka Honey Magic

Arbutin, a natural skin lightening/whitening ingredient, works harmoniously with Derma Peel to reduce melanin production, evening out skin tones and minimizing dark pigmentation. Meanwhile, Manuka Honey steps in as a guardian, protecting dermal fibroblasts against oxidative damage and enhancing the skin's antioxidant response. The result? A brighter, more luminous you.


Revitalize with Bella Vi’s Enzyme Peel: Your Anti-Aging Kickstart

Embark on your anti-aging journey with Bella Vi's Enzyme Peel, an essential prelude to skin rejuvenation. This meticulously crafted formula breathes life into your skin, setting the stage for the transformative effects of Derma Peel. Elevate your skincare ritual and witness the magic of Bella Vi's commitment to excellence in every radiant complexion.

  • Gold Winner of Clean Standards™ Award (Health + Science + Nature —Partnership For The Future™) celebrating the best health & beauty products of the year. (BEST CLEAN Gel Exfoliant Cleanser)
  • Gold Winner of OrganicBeauty Award 2021 Best Gel Exfoliant Cleanser

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Validated By Science & Accredited Certifications:

Independent Scientific study shown to brighten/lighten skin  (Derma Peel Skin renew & Crema Masque)  Independent Laboratory Blind Study In-Vitro Scientific evaluation into Bella Vi’s products for brightening/lighting skin 

Independent Study Shows PhytoCelltec™ Argan,  is the first cosmetic active with proven results for protecting and vitalizing dermal stem cells, PhytoCelltec™ Argan - Tightens and tones skin tissue – offers deep-seated rejuvenation of the skin - Reduces wrinkles (– 26%). Encapsulated into liposomes for superior abortion into the skin, increases skin firmness and density – offers deep-seated rejuvenation and provides stabilization of collagen & elasticity for a more youthful looking. Encapsulated into liposomes are capable of holding ingredients and releasing them after the liposome is absorbed into the skin. Liposomes are microscopic lipids (fat).

Patented Microdermabrasion Treatment System (Italy)

Manuka Honey
Active ingredient Manuka honey has been shown to protect human dermal fibroblasts against oxidative damage by improving antioxidant response.

MediCert®:   Consumers can trust that products awarded the MediCert® certification have been independently tested & verified. When a brand claims their products are clinically tested, this is verified by a third party (Safe Cosmetics Australia) providing legitimacy of the product claims & instills consumer confidence.

*Allergy Certified= free from key allergens and/or restricted chemicals


  • Biotechnology Phytocelltec Argan extract: protects and revitalizes skin, reduces wrinkles by (-26%).
  • Arbutin: a natural skin whitening ingredient, reducing pigmentation.
  • Manuka Honey: protects dermal fibroblasts against oxidative damage.improving antioxidant response
  • Carica papaya   (Traditional Chinese Medicine) responsible exfoliating dead skin and helps to repair ageing skin.
  • Perilla ocymoides    (Traditional Chinese Herb) Rich in omega-3 fatty acid and anti-oxidants, has and anti-inflammatory effect and soothing to the skin
  • Vitamin C: Encourages collagen production and collagen quality. 
  • Vitamin E: An anti-oxidant superstar, protects and strengthens the skin.

Aqua, Alumina, Sodium cocoamphoacetate, Acrylates copolymer, Lauryl glucoside, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Honey, PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate, Sodium hydroxide, Parfum, PPG-26-buteth-26, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, Tetrasodium EDTA, Carica papaya, Perilla ocymoides seed oil, Argania spinosa callus culture extract, Glycerin, Lecithin, Arbutin, Isomalt, Linolenic acid, Equisetum arvense extract, Linoleic acid, Tocopheryl acetate, Ascorbyl palmitate, Glutathione, Alcohol, Sodium benzoate, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone.

  • Must Be Used With Water - Ideal To Use In The Shower

  • Apply an approximate chickpea size of the product on a moist face with hands, massaging out a bit more energetically in the areas of roughness while exercising less pressure on delicate areas.
  • Massage for approximately 1-2 minutes, remove the product by rinsing the face throughly with water, Use every 2nd or 3rd day.
  • For best results use for 3 month minimum
  • Patch Test Prior To Use

Q: Who would benefit from using this Derma Peel Skin renew exfoliating product, and for what reasons?

A: Adults with Aging Concerns


Q: Why would adults with aging concerns use exfoliating products?

A: To help address fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone by stimulating cell turnover for a more youthful appearance.

A: Teenagers with Acne-Prone Skin


Q: How can exfoliating products benefit teenagers with acne-prone skin?

A: By reducing the likelihood of acne breakouts through unclogging pores and managing excess oil production common in adolescence.

A: People with Hyperpigmentation


Q: In what way can exfoliating help those with hyperpigmentation?

A: By helping fading dark spots, sun damage, or uneven skin tone through the encouragement of the removal of pigmented cells from the ingredient Arbutin, a natural skin lightening/whitening ingredient.

A: Individuals with Dry Skin


Q: What benefits do individuals with dry skin gain from using exfoliating products?

A: Alleviating dryness and promoting a smoother texture by removing dry, flaky skin, allowing moisturizers to penetrate more effectively.

A: Those Prone to Ingrown Hairs


Q: How does exfoliating benefit individuals prone to ingrown hairs?

A: By preventing and treating ingrown hairs through the clearance of dead skin cells, allowing hair to grow freely and reducing the risk of irritation.

A: Anyone Seeking a Radiant Complexion


Q: Why would someone seeking a radiant complexion use exfoliating products?

A: Regular exfoliation promotes a healthy glow by removing dull, lifeless skin cells and revealing fresh, radiant skin underneath.

A: People Using Anti-Aging Products


Q: How do exfoliating products complement the use of anti-aging products?

A: By enhancing the absorption of anti-aging products, maximizing their effectiveness in addressing concerns like collagen loss and the appearance of fine lines.

A: Individuals with Oily or Combination Skin


Q: What benefits do individuals with oily or combination skin gain from using exfoliating products?

A: Controlling excess oil production and preventing clogged pores, contributing to a clearer complexion for those prone to oiliness or breakouts.

A: Those with Uneven Skin Texture


Q: How can exfoliating help individuals with uneven skin texture?

A: By smoothing skin texture, eliminating rough patches, and resulting in a softer and more even complexion.

A: Individuals with Sensitive Skin (using gentle exfoliants)


Q: How can individuals with sensitive skin benefit from exfoliating products?

A: By achieving the benefits of exfoliation without causing irritation, as some products are formulated with gentle ingredients suitable for sensitive skin types. Use lightly an It is recommended that you patch test a small are first first.

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Derma Peel Skin Renew

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