Why Is Regular Exfoliation Extremely Important Too My Skin
Why Is Regular Exfoliation Extremely Important Too My SkinRegular exfoliation is extremely important, exfoliation removes dead skin cells that build up on the skin that cause dullness and uneven texture, clogged pores & dryness, removing the dead skin cells prevent bacteria, sweat and dirt from getting stuck underneath the skins surface, the process will refine the top layers of the skin, making pores appear smaller, by removing the dead layers that are compacted on top of the skin allows the skin to breath, this means your anti-aging products will penetrate the skin more effective..
MediCERT Certification  -  Reassuring Consumers’ Confidence In The Products
We are proud to announce our dedication to producing a premium and proven skincare we have once again been rewarded for our efforts. After submitting the relevant testing documentation Bella Vi naturalceutical skincare® has been accredited-  MediCERT® certification.What Does MediCERT® Certification Mean For Bella Vi Lovers? When a product is accredited MediCERT® consumers can trust that the products tests & claims have been independently verified by a third party (Safe Cosmetics Australia).  The independent validation provides legitimacy to the product tests and..
Bella Vi Products Certified Made Safe Non-Toxic & Toxic FREE
We are excited to share with you our validation from ‘Safe Cosmetics Australia’.Not all natural and organic cosmetics are made equal with the use of ingredients in their formulations.Bella Vi have always been very conscious towards the quality of ingredients included in our range.As a result we are very proud to announce to you Bella Vi has been Certified by ‘Safe CosmeticsAustralia’ with the following CertificationsMADE SAFE® AUSTRALIAN CERTIFIED NON-TOXICAUSTRALIAN CERTIFIED TOXIC-FREE™AUSTRALIAN ALLERGY CERTIFIED®It has always been part of Bella Vi from the beginning to offer consumers asaf..
Is Mineral Makeup Suitable For Sensitive Skin
 It is reported that as much as 50% of women can experience sensitive skin conditions including itching, burning, redness, eczema, rosacea to having very sensitive skin. Are all mineral makeups the same when it comes sensitive skin? The answer is no. There are a number of very important formulation factors when it comes to a beautiful mineral foundation. Women need to make an informed decision on this topic to ensure they choose the ‘right’ mineral foundation formulation that offers a gentle caring solution to their sensitive skin. There are some mineral makeups that claim their..
Summer weather can wreak havoc on your makeup, but simple switches can make you beach ready!SWITCH ONE Swap your Bella Vi Certified Organic Liquid Foundation to a Bella Vi Loose Natural Mineral Foundation Powder, which you should gently press into your skin for a base that doesn’t slip in the heat. Tip: you may need a darker shade in summer than winter. SWITCH TWO Trade your Bella Vi Natural Mineral Lipstick for Bella Vi Natural Mineral Lip Gloss. Press Bella Vi Loose Mineral Foundation onto your lips before applying for longer lasting smackers. SWITCH THREE..
Makeup Tricks And Tips For Your Wedding Day
WEDDING BEAUTY TIPS AND TRENDSBella Vi Makeup tricks and tips for the big dayWhat single product is most important for a bride to have on her wedding day? A lipstick!Should a bride attempt a makeover style for her wedding day or keep her look the same? It all depends on your personality... if you are going to attempt a new look with the help of the makeup artist always have a trial makeup consultation so you don't have any worries on the big day.How should a bride prepare her skin for the day of the wedding? A bride should get a facial 2 weeks before the big day just in case she ..
 Bella Vi Tip For Pretty Purple Eyes:With summer almost here, why not try a wash of lavender or punchy purple? You may be initially shy about a shade of purple eyeshadow or lipstick - however it’s surprisingly flattering on most skin tones, makes all eye colours pop and you can go as bold or restrained as you wish.  Bella Vi has purples with blue or pink undertones including Aubergine, Indigo or  Purple Haze, blending as for a smokey eye, layering until you reach a saturation you are happy with. Finish off with several coats of mascara. Use a Bella Vi lip pe..
By Sophie Chung ||  Beauty, M2woman Picks || 14 March, 2016I wonder why more brands don’t have the 2-in-1 ethos of fusing skincare with cosmetics? We found NZ brand Bella Vi does exactly this. They fuse the benefits of nourishing skincare with cosmetics to create makeup for the health conscious consumer. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, cruelty-free, GM-free, paraben-free and certified as organic,their products are free of the nasties and full of the goodies. Italian-made and specialised to be Naturalceutical cosmetics, I put their primer and foundation to the test....
 Fashion weeks are not only a chance for designers to showcase their collections – it gives hair and makeup teams also present the latest looks, from the nice and natural to the avant-garde.  An emerging trend at Fashion weeks around the world is the use of mineral makeup brands. “Many makeup brands backstage are starting to use mineral makeup where they can,” says Melissa Furze, founder of New Zealand’s own Bella Vi Certified Organic and natural Mineral makeup. “By the end of the week the poor models’ skin is rubbed raw from wearing so many faces, and the idea of wearing more makeup..
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Revealed: How to achieve a flawless foundation finish
There’s not much to applying foundation. Put it on, and ready, set, go… right? Well, not exactly!Although a makeup routine should never be complicated (or time consuming!), there’s two things you can do to get the most out of your makeup – and achieve a perfect finish.Want to know what they are? 1. Prep your skin 2. Apply the right foundation the right wayLet us explain…Prep your skinBefore you even apply foundation, make sure you’re going to get the most out of it. That means: Applying primer The primer’s job is to calm, smooth and protect your skin. It’ll help the foundation go on e..
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