Mineral makeup made easy.

Choosing a natural foundation can be hard.

We know there’s a lot of options out there – and having to figure out the difference between loose, liquid and pressed foundations only complicates things.

But the good news is we’re here to help!

We’ve put together a guide to helping you decide which foundation will work best for your skin – and your lifestyle.

Your ultimate guide to foundation

Loose mineral powder

Want to know one of the best makeup products to have in your kit?

You got it – loose powder foundation.

A loose powder is the perfect solution for everyday wear, particularly if you have normal or dry skin. 

It’ll give you great coverage, and you can layer it depending on your daily needs (make sure you have a good kabuki brush!). Running out the door? A quick brush all over will give you a light, fresh finish. Heading out for the night? Build it up with some layering for fuller coverage.

Loose powder foundation is the fast makeup solution – it’s quick and easy to apply, and gives you breathable, natural-looking skin, and a dewey finish that will last you all day.

It also wears well in the heat – hello summer!

Loose powder foundation is great for:

  1. All skin types, especially normal or dry
  2. Quick and easy application
  3. A natural-looking, dewey finish

Liquid foundation

Is full coverage is what you’re after? Liquid foundation will be your best friend.

Liquid foundation works well on all skin types, but it should be your go-to if you’ve got oily or combination skin – it’s specially formulated to cover pigmentation and give you a matte finish.

The best part? It’s a concentrated formula, so less is best. Applied in small areas, liquid foundation will give you long-lasting wear. (Pro tip: it’s great for weddings!)

Liquid foundation is great for:

  1. All skin types, especially combination or oily
  2. Full, long-lasting coverage
  3. A velvety, matte finish

Pressed powder

We like to think of the pressed powder as a pocket lifesaver. 

It’s a compact-sized gem that will bail you out of makeup emergencies – because it’s got the lightest coverage, it’s a kind of like a sidekick to the loose or liquid foundations. 

It’s the foundation you keep in your handbag for when your makeup needs a quick lift after work. (Or during, or before…) 

Pressed powder foundation is great for:

  1. All skin types
  2. Light coverage
  3. Touch-ups
Not sure what type of skin you have? Check out our skin type analysis tool.

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