Fashion weeks are not only a chance for designers to showcase their collections – it gives hair and makeup teams also present the latest looks, from the nice and natural to the avant-garde.  An emerging trend at Fashion weeks around the world is the use of mineral makeup brands.

“Many makeup brands backstage are starting to use mineral makeup where they can,” says Melissa Furze, founder of New Zealand’s own Bella Vi Certified Organic and natural Mineral makeup. “By the end of the week the poor models’ skin is rubbed raw from wearing so many faces, and the idea of wearing more makeup is simply unbearable,” she said. “Good natural makeup actually conditions and treats the skin, and provides the decent coverage and colour that is required for the runway.”

In fact the fashion industry is totally enamoured by mineral makeup. While natural makeup has been around for thousands of years (the Ancient Egyptians and Romans used to dye their skin and hair, stain their lips and cheeks, paint their nails, line their eyes and define their brows), modern has changed from the once all-natural products used by the Ancients to ones with added synthetics, preservatives and additives. Over the years these ingredients have been linked to severe skin allergies and conditions – not exactly healthy or fashionable. But recently fashionistas discovered the amazing benefits of the combination of mineral makeup’s simple, natural ingredients – a cosmetic alternative that is not only good for skin (even skin that has undergone cosmetic treatments), it makes users look as sexy and glamorous than ever before. “With natural mineral makeup you can achieve light, airbrushed-like coverage, that at the same time gives you a beautiful, translucent, natural dewy glow,” says Furze. “It covers up redness, fine lines or imperfections, offers flawlessly coverage, doesn’t look caked on or feel like a mask, and the ingredients aren’t harmful to you or your skin.

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